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How Did I Get Here?

To start my blog, I want to go all the way back to the beginning of my dance journey. I'll preface this by saying that dance has always been part of my life. At 7, I knew the choreography to Janet Jackson's "Rhythm Nation", "Miss You Much", & "Escapade." I had no formal dance training whatsoever, as there were not many dance schools in my city. Regardless, my dance journey began in the fall of 2015 as I underwent a period of intense self-evaluation, reflection, and renewal. We are going from the past to the present. I will talk about dance, travel, introvertism (I'm ISFJ!), socializing...and maybe a few other random topics. I hope you stay tuned!

My first "purge" of negativity was when I cut off my hair on 10/5/2015

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