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Group classes are a great way to learn a new skill AND meet new people doing the same. Read on to see which dance styles you might want to try!

Rueda de Casino:

Like square dancing, but with Cuban flavor

In this dance, pairs dance together in a circle (rueda means "wheel" in Spanish) led by a caller (cantante). You'll switch partners & learn new figures in each class. And yes, you will break a sweat in case you were wondering.

AFRO-CUBAN RUMBA: Not the ballroom version.

Rumba (room-bah) will help you develop a greater sense of body awareness and connection. This class emphasizes polyrhythmic body movement, primarily in the shoulders, hips & torso. 

Casino Partnerwork: Often called "Cuban salsa" (but it's not!)

This class focuses on dancing Casino 1-on-1 and NOT in a Rueda. It's a great complement to Rueda and places greater emphasis on footwork, partnerwork technique, body movement & musicality.

Son Cubano: Stately but spicy (yes, it's possible!)

Danced contratiempo (against time), Son Cubano is known for its elegant simplicity. This style also shows you how to travel across the style!

Need More Personalized Attention?

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Maybe you'd like to work 1-on-1 with me on specific skills or technique. Or maybe, you and your significant other are looking for an interesting date-night activity. Or you and your friends want to do something better to do than bar-hop. Whatever the case is, I'll work with you to figure out your needs and wants so that our time together is well-spent!

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